Scramble Against COVID-19 

The Scramble Against Covid-19 is an initiative we are launching to raise money for the CDC Emergency Response Fund. We will be donating $12 for each of the below shirts that are sold now through April 30th.  Donations will be made on a weekly basis throughout this time. We believe that everyone plays a role in this fight against the coronavirus just like each golfer has a role in a scramble. The Scramble Against COVID-19 t-shirt line is designed to unite both golf and the fight against COVID-19 in a fun yet purposeful fashion. We also believe that golf can be an escape for people during this time. With the right precautions you can play golf while maintaining proper sanitation and social distance. People are going to need an escape from their homes and golf just might be the perfect outlet for many Americans. Join us in the fight against COVID-19!

Total raised as of 4/30/20:    $4,020 

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For more information on the CDC Emergency Response Fund please visit: 

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